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Scientific Theology

For many in the modern world there is a belief of a great gulf fixed between science and religion. Dr. Giem sets about showing how that belief is not necessarily true. In order to bridge the gulf, one must examine both science and religion to show how both of them may have been misinterpreted. This is a large task, but Dr. Giem pulls it off remarkably well. He sets forth a clear understand-ing of Biblical truth. especially in those areas that touch human nature and the human pursuit of science. Inevitably one must confront those areas in science where others have seen a tension between it and the Bible. This task is focused in the areas of dating methodology. This subject involves both radiometric dating and radiocarbon dating. In his sections dedicated to these subjects, he shows these methods may not have been handled as well as previously thought, and it may be necessary to revise the chronologies that these methods have provided us to a considerable extent. In both of these major areas of study here, Dr. Giem has provided us with a careful and thoughtful presentation. This work is strongly recommended to interested readers, especially those who would like to see a reconciliation between science and religion. -- WIlliam H. Shea, Ph.D., Biblical Research Institute, Washington, D.C.

Paul Giem's Scientific Theology is a remarkably fresh academic foray into the hoary tradition of uniting science and religion. Giem avoids overstating his arguments, and also identifies alternative positions and their rationales. His technical evaluation of the various radiometric dating methods is a virtual tour de force in suggesting that without altering the radioactive time constants the results seem to be more compatible with a short chronology of life on earth than with a long chronology. This book is important and one worth reading. -- John T. Baldwin, Ph.D., Professor of Theology, Andrews University Theological Seminary. Author of "God and the World: William Paley's Argument from Perfection Tradition--A Continuing Influence," Harvard Theological Review.

Dr. Paul Giem received his bachelor's degree in chemistry and theology from Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska (1973), his MA in Religion (Biblical Studies) from Loma Linda University (1977), and his MD degree from the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University (1977). He currently practices emergency medicine at Loma Linda and Los Angeles and teaches medicine and religion at Loma Linda University where he is a clinical instructor in medicine. He is married to Marla Giem, MD. They have five children.

ISBN 0-944450-25-3

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